Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Room...of Renunciation

What if The Room isn't just a poorly-implemented-drama-turned-cult-classic?  What if it's a seminal occult work for the postmodern era?

Some dukes think Tommy Wiseau was onto something, and somehow depicted a Room of Renunciation.  Specifically, they think he depicted the Room of Lovers Torn Apart.

Assuming such a room exists, theorists claim that the Room of Lovers Torn Apart only tests those who believe their love is ironclad.  Your typical "friends with benefits" situation never gets tested, and the people who are married for fifty years without complaint don't get tested, but anyone who thinks s/he is absolutely in love when s/he could be easily swayed away is, of course, in danger.

This situation is greatly complicated by the fact that nobody has seen the Room of Lovers Torn Apart, but the sort of dukes who believe in it says that it likely appears as the sort of unassuming apartment seen in The Room — someone in the Room of Lovers Torn Apart would likely be unable to discern the difference between the Room and her own apartment, for example.

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  1. I hate you so hard right now - you've made me want to see The Room again.


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