Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday Werk: Necropixies

"Oy there, berk.  You ain't 'eard of the necropixies, 'ave you?  A plague upon the realms with Positive Energy, they are.  Little blighters 'ave all o' their living cousins' trickster proclivities, with all the horror of a demented barber.  Little bastards'll cut you from nave to chops before you know what hit you.  An' you'll never see the one what gets you." — Ogden "The Glaive" Thursson

In this week's Wednesday Werk, we'll look at the Necropixies.

The Necropixies are vicious little creatures, pixies corrupted by the energies of the Negative Energy Plane (or the Shadowfell if you're using the World Axis cosmology).  At present, no one has observed their genesis, so it is unknown if they occur naturally or are made by corrupt spirits or sorcerers (or even if they have no real relation to pixies at all).

At least one adventurer has claimed to see a necrogrig, but he was barmy, so his testimony is typically considered suspect.

Nevertheless, Necropixies may be encountered alone, in groups, or with undead and their associates such as zombies, skeletons, necromancers, vampires, wraiths, and the like.  Necropixies retain the trickster nature of their "normal" counterparts, although their tricks are significantly darker — cruel pranks, mutilation, and torture have all been recorded as necropixie "tricks."  More than one village in the world reviles the Tooth Fairy, considering the entity to be a necropixie harvesting bone from the mouths of babes.

The following Necropixie Scrapper is indicative of a typical Necropixie warrior.  It will typically attempt to remain invisible as long as possible, using Invisibility each turn — if it is dazed or otherwise incapable of action, it will always opt for Invisibility if it can.  The creature will frequently open with Confusing Blow to aid its allies, and then it will make Scythe attacks.  It will always attempt to attack so as to make use of its Combat Advantage ability.  Necropixies are stout combatants, although they have been known to avoid death if they are not fully devoted to the cause at hand.  They can be fanatical, but they're not stupid.

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