Monday, September 10, 2012

Some Stuff You Should Know

Things are busy again, so it's time for some random stuff that might interest you.

Tori Bergquist at Realms of Chirak really hit the nail on the head the other day regarding AD&D vs. 4E.  I have certain RPG preferences, but I ultimately don't care what I run or play as long as I'm excited about it; there are reasons why D&D 4e is cool and there are reasons why AD&D 1e is also cool.  I play D&D for different reasons than WoD or UA, for example.

Tremendous Torr brought The Lovecraft Engine to my attention.  This site remixes Lovecraftian nouns and adjectives to craft a random Lovecraftian description, offering such gems as "a quavering fluid" and "that incongruous, blasphemous, necromantic phantasy."

The meat of this post has to do with another blog plug for a good friend.  About ten months ago while plugging Role-Player Hater (and he seriously needs to start posting again when he's not making metal or making metal), I mentioned my good friend and hetero life mate Nicole — I've known her so long that I remember roughly when she entered my Monkeysphere, but I don't actually remember ever meeting her.  Well, she just started a blog.  As it's just started (and only has one post at the time of this writing), I don't quite know what the focus will be, but I can speak to the quality of her writing and can vouch that it will likely be worth your time.  Presently, all signs point to a little bit of everything nerd-related with a focus on crafting — sewing, costuming, and suchlike.  (You're probably better off just reading the first post and seeing if it interests you.)  If any of that stuff strikes your fancy, go ahead a take a look at A Really Well-Made Buttonhole.

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