Friday, December 7, 2012

Convention Book: NWO

I did come across this the other day: White Wolf just released Convention Book: N.W.O. for Mage: the Ascension.

This is incredibly exciting news.

Back before White Wolf ended the classic World of Darkness line, they only published Convention Book: Iteration X, leaving the other Technocracy Conventions without revised books.  Although I never really delved into the splatbooks for World of Darkness, the fact that a new Mage: the Ascension book is being published after eight years is notable.

What with Mage being one of my favorite games and all.

Incidentally, I suspect we'll probably see a 20th anniversary edition of Mage within the next year or so; White Wolf already released one for Vampire, and they successfully Kickstarted one for Werewolf, so that's a thing for doin'.  I'm also aware that they're doing an Ascension/Awakening translation guide as they did for Vampire and Werewolf, so that's a thing, too.

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