Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Æon Trinity

Have you heard the news?

In addition to re-releasing classic World of Darkness materials, White Wolf (or, more accurately, The Onyx Path) has announced plans to release an updated version of the Æon seriesTrinity (originally named Æon), Aberrant, and Adventure!

For those who don't know, the Æon Continuum is a series of science-fiction games set in an alternate Earth.  Trinity depicts the efforts of humanity to recover after a devastating war with superpowered humans known as Aberrants.  Transhumanism, cyberpunk, space travel, and suchlike are all themes that get used; the default player characters are exceedingly powerful psychics known as Psions.  Aberrant is a superhero game set in 2008, depicting the Aberrants (or novas, as they are more properly known) before they all go insane and try to wage war on humanity.  Adventure! is a pulp-era game set in 1924, and depicts the origin of these superhumans in the twentieth century when their powers are just starting to develop.

Anyway, if that sort of stuff interests you, you should check on the blurb on the Onyx Path blog.

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  1. Trinity is the only White Wolf game I've actually played, and it was definitely fun and different from any other Sci Fi game I'd played. Cool to hear it and its companion games are coming back.


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