Friday, July 12, 2013

Good News and Bad News

This week I was introduced to two videos about Dungeons & Dragons.  The first details a fundamentalist Christian take on D&D suggesting that it's actually a cult activity:

I never get to be Lord of the Little People.

The second video is an interview with Vin Diesel in which he discusses playing D&D.  The part where he talks about a player's demeanor changing about two hours in?  That's right on target:

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  1. Coming from a theatre background (as you, of course, well know) I always viewed table-top and LARP as really great tools for character crafting, improvisation, you name it. Improv, in fact, was always my weak point, but after I started roleplaying, I felt so much more confident in that part of my performance.

    In uni/conservatory when my fellow actors would hate on my hobby, I'd just roll my eyes. So yeah, I now have some mad respect for Vin Diesel. We clearly need to hang out sometime.


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