Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Big, Fat Update

Sadly, the worst thing for a gaming blog is playing more than running.  Most of my games are on the back burner, and so involve a lot of things I'm either not at liberty to discuss, or simply aren't foremost enough on my mind to allow for in depth discussion.

I think the D&D kick is on the wane — most of the fantasy games I got really excited about died quiet deaths, and I'm not sure if any will be resuscitated anytime soon.  (I certainly hope Spelljammer rises from the ashes, as I put a lot of effort into it.  Likewise, I do plan on returning to the Carcosa megadungeon, but my 4e players need to do their part first, and that will likely be a bit of waiting.)

Post-modern magic is back on the brain; I recently assimilated The God-Machine Chronicle (expect a review when I finish the accompanying fiction anthology).  This, coupled with a revisiting of Lost, inspired me to tinker with a Lost-style modern hexcrawl that is only in the brainstorming stages at present (so at least all that D&D-delving I did won't be for naught).  Those gritty combat rules from Armory Reloaded and Mirrors will likely come in handy.  I'll probably revisit True in Some Sense soon when the opportunity presents itself.  Set in the same canonical headspace as True and False in Some Sense is Not What They Seem, my homage to Twin Peaks.  I don't know if that will get off the ground, either, but I have some ideas.  (Like the guy in the RV at the edge of town?  Rumor has it that he knows things, like the secret broadcasts from the center of the sun.  That's probably why he mostly comes out at night; during the day he can learn by osmosis as he dreams of secret signs, doing his best Sleeping Prophet impersonation.)

And, if the gods truly smile upon me, maybe this Unknown Armies campaign of mine will finally get off the ground.  Maybe.

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