Monday, August 31, 2015

There's Apparently a Level 1 in Dungeon Crawl Classics

After a couple of funnels ending in hilarity, we finally breached level 1 in rushputin's run of Escape from the Purple Planet.  We used the Purple Sorcerer Games funnel generator to make Earthmen of the Purple Planet, because if you're doing the John Carter thing, you might as well go all the way.  As is standard, most players experienced a reckoning of their 0-level PCs, although one of our players only lost his first character as we successfully escaped the prison complex.  He lost the street urchin, but still has a talking cosmonaut chimp, Pope Innocent XIII, and Rick Springfield Greenfield.

Here's my rundown:

Horatio duBois, displaced sailor from 1812, was frequently at the front, which meant he was the first to be captured and killed by the Maur.  Which is a bit unfortunate, as he grabbed one of the two suits of chainmail we found in the pits.  Oops.

Pop star Rebecca Black had a collection of wigs, a mace, and 7 hit points, but was unfortunately too slow to successfully avoid the rampaging strekleon in the control chamber.  She was impaled by quills multiple times.  She will look forward to no more weekends.

Mirabilis the Magnificent also met his end at the quills of the strekleon.  He bashed it with his mouldering old tome, which unfortunately found him close enough to get tangled in the beast's quills, like some sort of infomercial gone horribly wrong.  Proof that would-be wizards should stay out of melee combat.

The sole survivor from my four 0-level PCs was the British expatriate school teacher from turn-of-the-century Germany, Samantha Parkington.  She managed to acquire scale mail and a great glaive, cementing her transformation from school teacher to 1st level Warrior:

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