Monday, September 7, 2015

Revised Map of the Sorrowfell Plains

So I finally made an actual document on all the named settlements of the Sorrowfell Plains.  It's on Google Drive for any and all interested parties, although there are spoilers for some of the smaller settlements, so if you play in one of my games, you may wish to avoid it.  Consider it a very brief gazetteer of the Sorrowfell Plains setting.  Check it out:

Sorrowfell Settlements

The settlement write-ups correspond with the settlements on the revised Sorrowfell Plains map, made in Hexographer.  It also contains spoilers, and it's a pretty big image, so I also threw it in Google Drive:

Sorrowfell Plains (revised map)

And just for completion, you can also check it out here:

Click to enlarge
Note that the Tower of the Archmagus in last week's treasure map sits where Duchy Jepson resides today, in Hex 90.28.  You can probably determine the rest of the points on that map using this one.

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