Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Sea Silk

I should be serving up a hot, delicious GenCon recap post, but instead, I'm sending you this.

This is a story from the BBC about the last known person in the world who can collect the hairs from the Mediterranean noble pen shell (Pinna nobilis) and weave it into bysuss, or sea silk.  Given its light, airy texture, as well as the difficulty inherent in its manufacture, this fabric has clothed kings and priests for millennia.  The art was passed from mother to daughter for generations, but now Chiara Vigo the last.

If that's not the most goddamn D&D thing you've heard today, I can't help you.  It would be pretty easy to put a sea silk garment in a treasure horde, or run an adventure about industrial espionage, or throw in a plot about assassinating the women who weave it to drive the price up.

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