Friday, December 7, 2018

Quivering Whims Press

Six years ago, as a throwaway joke in my D&D campaign, the PCs discovered some hastily-written smut that purported to be the true tales of their adventures.  As is often the case, that joke snowballed and turned into a publishing house, Quivering Whims Press.  Their main offices are located in Tor Valuum, Anhak, but they have a major satellite office in Scandshar, as well as satellite offices throughout the Known World (and possibly across others, as well).

They're the local equivalent of a publisher of dime novels and pulp trash (and they publish an awful lot of erotica) — if any famous artists have come out of Quivering Whims, it's likely been by accident, the first half-dozen or so works by someone destined for bigger and better things.  It's pretty clear that Quivering Whims is successful by volume more than quality of writing, although it's not entirely clear how they publish such large volumes in a world that barely has printing presses.

The mysteries of anachronistic fantasy worlds.

In addition to the aforementioned Tales of the Shields of the Sorrowfell, they have a few other popular offerings, including:

  • The adventure stories of Fap-hard and the Gay Mouser, of the fictional city of Yankmore, written by one “Slits Liber.”
  • The adventure stories of Elprick, written by one “Michael Morecock.”
  • Confessions of a Damned Lady, and the accompanying play, Strumpet of Blood, written by Orleck the Great (how they got a hold of a story from Cinder is beyond me).
  • Dusk, by the Dwell Family.

You can hardly be said to be a famous adventuring company if you haven't been lampooned by Quivering Whims Press, or so the common wisdom goes.

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