Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dead Eye

A Note: If you plan on playing "Dead in the Eye," minor spoilers abound.  Otherwise, read on.

I neglected to note something in yesterday's Free RPG Day report: I've been ripped off!

Okay, it's probably just coincidence.  But it was funny when I was thumbing through things, and so I will share it with you.

D&D released "Dead in the Eye" for Free RPG Day, and the crux of the module is a Far Realm incursion on the Prime Material Plane of Toril.  There's a bunch of mutant creatures and an evolving beholder.  It looks like great fun.

Anyway, back in October 2011, I made some post about a cheesy dungeon trick involving a magic maze.  A tunnel opens into three branches, which must be navigated properly to access whatever dungeon lies within.

See, it starts out like this:

This looks familiar, right?

And loops unless it is navigated in this way:

Oh, yeah.  I'd know those MS Paint arrows anywhere.

So, I'm reading through "Dead in the Eye" when I come to this on page 8:

Copyright 2012 Wizards of the Coast, from "Dead in the Eye," blah, blah, blah

It's a bit more complicated than my original scheme, but the blue-highlighted route depicts the proper way to navigate the maze (it ends up looping in odd ways to confound interlopers, and travelers don't get any clues before they enter), but you still go left, right, and then continue on towards the dungeon.

It's a fairly classic trick, so I'm assuming it's a coincidence.  If it's not a coincidence, then it would appear that Wizards of the Coast developers and freelancers are reading my blog, which is also cool (go ahead and give a shout in the comments, if you'd like, as I always appreciate feedback).


  1. LOL. No I've never read your blog. I just found it when I googled to see if anyone had reviewed "Dead in the Eye" yet. I'm just a lowly freelancer. I'm not employed by Wizards. I hope you liked the adventure.

    1. I...didn't actually expect a response.

      I did like the adventure (Far Realm? Mutants? What's not to like?) although, sadly, I probably won't have the chance to actually run it for a while (it just doesn't fit into my current D&D game).


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