Friday, June 22, 2012

Persons of Interest: She of the Dying Light

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She of the Dying Light (a Neutral 4th-level Fighter) is the young leader of a small tribe of Purple Men.  Forced from their native village after the attack of a giant dolm ooze, covered in scaly eyespots and with a single, cytophagous maw, they fled to the mountains west of the Blighted Lands and south of the Radioactive Desert.

Somehow avoiding the tender mercies of mad Azathoth cultists, ravenous spawn of Shub Niggurath, and the Jale followers of the Omnipotent King, the ragtag tribesmen managed to find a cavern which has apparently formed around the ruins of a crashed Space Alien ship.  Strange monsters and degenerate, mutated Space Aliens haunt the ruins, so they have not moved too far into the ship's bulk.  They have managed to scrounge some alien technology and set up some loose barricades, so they remain hidden and defended for the moment.

She of the Dying Light was chosen for the role of tribal chieftain due to her psychic talent (a family trait) and vibrant red hair, which marks her as chosen of the Sun.  Although She of the Dying Light lost her mother in the ooze's attack (her mother was among the first to react, and immediately lunged at the creature with her spear — many believe her decisive action and noble sacrifice allowed so many to escape), her aged father is still among the living.  A potent sorcerer and psychic, the old man is blind — those who gaze into his eyes might see the afterimage of the Sun's corona, indicating that he stared at an eclipse.  Among the tribe, they believe this contributes to his sorcerous power.

In the upper levels of the ruined vessel, the tribesmen have found a strange, alien gate.  There is a rumor that the tribe has established contact with an extradimensional civilization, but no one knows for certain.

Spawn of Shub Niggurath Bonus: The nameless creature that attacked their village still lives, as the natives' Stone Age technology was no match for its impenetrable blubber.  If encountered, the creature is a large, scaly, dolm ooze.  It bears four eyespots and a single circular gaping maw.  It is immune to normal weapons.  Its relevant statistics are AC 12, MV 120′ [land], HD 5, and it is Chaotic.  She of the Dying Light would probably be grateful to any who can defeat the creature that killed so many of her brethren, including her mother.

Evil Sorcery Bonus: Here are some Carcosan sorcerers from Gorgonmilk.


  1. nice. You know there's always a danger I'll use these..?

    1. I plan on using her in an eventual ConstantCon Carcosa megadungeon, but she's on the internet for whomever might find her useful.


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