Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday Werk: Elajess

In this week's Wednesday Werk, we'll look at the Elajess.

The Elajess are a race of insectoid humanoids that absolutely abhor boredom.  It is easily their most recognizable trait, and is the cause of most consternation between the creatures and the other races.

The Elajess are planar travelers that appear to trace distant ancestry back to one of the Chaotic planes (in the World Axis cosmology, scholars typically connect them with the Elemental Chaos, whereas Great Wheel adherents typically trace them to one of the Chaos-aligned planes, typically Limbo; at least one crackpot claims that they come from a formless dimension of sound, and that their eyes are specially constructed to see in that eldritch place).  Whatever the case, they bear a rabid hatred of ennui, and will attempt to destroy it wherever it is found.  Make sure they stay interested, or else combat will likely follow shortly.

Elajess are also highly visual, being totally deaf.  They barely even recognize sound as a concept, never bothering to hide their footfalls.  Despite their lack of audible speech, they are quite familiar with languages, communicating using visual signs and prizing books and other visual media as valuable objects.  Those who feel comfortable with the proper signs have been known to draft contracts to hire them.  They are among the few races who can communicate with Dabus without any real difficulty.

Elajess typically do not resort to combat, but their crusade against boredom can cause them to easily clash with most humanoid races (seemingly with no reason to those who know little of them).  An Elajess will typically open with Double Attack, although it will use And Stay Down! whenever it is surrounded by opponents in quantity.  If it hopes to reposition or tactically retreat, it will use Phase Step if necessary.  They also have a habit of just leaving when they feel boredom has been banished, and so may attempt to leave in the middle of a particularly interesting combat.

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