Thursday, August 9, 2012

Blogman: Year One

A year ago, I'd been reading D&D With Porn Stars and I gave into the most perverse urge.

...I started a blog.

I'm still not sure how I feel about the whole enterprise, but I try to keep up with it weekly.  I usually end up posting a couple of times a week.  I'm still not sure I've hit my stride with all this business, but there it is.

In the past year, I've gone from running one game and occasionally playing in another to running one game, occasionally running two others, and playing in two other games.  The focus has been increasingly on D&D and its variants, although I get occasional forays into my much-beloved modern/occult/horror/conspiracy genre I so thoroughly enjoy.

I've delved into the OSR a little, even contributing to Secret Santicore 2011, because I like fast and furious rule sets.  My fourth edition game is fun, but hour-long combats and predictable character advancement are a bit outside my niche.  (I used to think World of Darkness combat was sometimes overlong, and then I played fourth edition.)  The fast, simple, what-the-heck-ever-ness of the OSR, coupled with the wholesale adoption of FLAILSNAILS, really hits a lot of places I enjoy.  That having been said, I still think Unknown Armies just about hits everything I appreciate in a rules-and-setting package — I'd likely adapt its design elements and aesthetic to any homebrew system I'd create.

Anyway, I might as well take the opportunity to revisit some things that readers seemed to particularly like as well as some things that I particularly enjoyed.

Readers' Choice

Carcosa replays

Guest Spot: Vampire: the Masquerade Conversion

Review: The Blasphemous Brewery of Pilz

Review: Carcosa

Review: Fiasco

Review: Isle of the Unknown

Wednesday Werk

Author's Choice

Down the Glen Tramp Little Men

Free RPG Day in Review

Fiasco: Play Report

Review: Unknown Armies

Sharpened Hooks: The Cursed Throne of the Sun

Sharpened Hooks: Fun with Wilderlands of High Fantasy

Sharpened Hooks: The Slender Man Mythos

Since I've been fortunate enough to actually play more recently, here's a list of games I played or ran at some point in the last year:

Games I Played

Owlbear Stabbings

Games I'm Playing


The Salzenmund Apophaſiſ

Games I Ran

Nasty, Brutish, and Short

True in Some Sense

The Truth Shall Set You Free

World Pulse Remix: All the Agents

Games I'm Running

Crux of Eternity


  1. You've offered a good year to this reader, that's for sure. I'm glad you started the blog and haven't stopped. Beyond the coolness of the Wednesday Werks, I'm fond of the Sharpened Hooks series and all your delving beneath the surface of the ordinary world, including the mentions of UA.

  2. Cool! I appreciate your nods towards my own efforts. Glad to see I made one of your lists. Keep it up!

  3. Well on you, M'Colleague, Happy Blogthday! Without your blog, we'd never know what happened at game sessions we just played...

    1. This blog has made me so deliciously lazy


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