Monday, February 18, 2013

The Life and Death of Large LeFarge

Well, this past weekend, my Crux of Eternity players killed notorious gang leader, Large LeFarge.  I previously mentioned Large LeFarge a while back, as well as giving him a shout-out on the Fantomist entry.

I'm particularly proud of him.  He came out of a desire to match the awesomeness of Bill the Butcher, but with a D&D twist.

So I made him a very, very angry pixie.

My favorite attack is his ability to throw pixie dust at people, causing them to float away.  The party's fighter ended up falling victim to this attack, floating around the room for several rounds before he finally saved against the effect and fell to the floor.

Without further ado, here's Large LeFarge (4e stats):

Pour out a little for our fallen homies.

Level 12 Encounter (XP 3500)
  • Large Lefarge (level 10 solo soldier)
  • 4 streetwise thugs (level 9 minion, Dungeon 161, pg. 32)
  • 2 Waterdeep street thugs (level 7 soldier, Dungeon 171, pg. 96)

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