Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Festooned with your Entrails

So I wanted a violent, psychopathic gangster for Crux of Eternity (that shameless plug comes with a twinkle smile, too!).  See, there's this big crime syndicate called the Menagerie of Peacocks, and after seeing Bill "the Butcher" Cutting, I knew I wanted someone with that level of brütal.  Well, Heroes of the Feywild is coming out, and I chanced to see the preview.

Large LeFarge was born.

If Bill the Butcher and Big Figure had a baby, it would be Large LeFarge.  A mob boss on the streets of Scandshar, Large LeFarge is among the most feared mob bosses in that fair city.  Not only is he canny enough to organize his coves, he is personally dangerous enough to stop fights before they start — his reputation as a dangerous melee combatant precedes him, and anyone who crosses him hopes to be waiting for a boat on Sorgforge's docks by the time he figures it out, because they'll never escape otherwise.

Did I mention he's maybe eight inches tall?

Large LeFarge is a pixie, but lacks the innocence to go with his childlike whimsy, instead manifesting as a needy, obsessive psychopath.  If Tinkerbell can only hold one thought in her head at a time, LeFarge's thought is always malicious, and probably directed toward whomever is in his field of vision.  He fights with the savagery of a child on the playground — except his knives and axes are quite sharp, and he knows how to use them.

However, for as much as he's a terror on the battlefield, those who know of him truly fear him due to his seeming lack of compassion when torturing people.  Mutilation is a common sign of LeFarge's disfavor, with the lacerations from multiple stab wounds and missing eyes being particular favorites.  His signature sign of true displeasure, however, is rough amputation of the hands of his victims — he figures they didn't believe in him, so they ought not to clap ever again.

LeFarge's mirth is as legendary as his violence.

LeFarge is also rumored to be quite handy with his pixie dust.  Supposedly, he can enchant foes to fly without the corresponding coordination, thus dooming them to flail helplessly in the air while he interrogates them, or causing the victim to float upward until the enchantment fails, sending said person plummeting back to earth at 9.8 meters per second per second.

Of course, few ever survive encounters with him to confirm or deny this claim.  Or any other claim about him, for that matter.

LeFarge flies fearlessly through his territory, though people tend to avoid troubling him more due to his own prowess than the near-constant presence of his thugs.  Despite his visibility, anyone seeking business with him is advised to look for him through the usual channels.  His office is equipped with a suit of knight's armor attached to ropes — these ropes allow him to control the armor like a marionette, while a series of acoustic tubes amplifies his voice so that he is better understood by tallfellows.

Edit: Further information is available at Obsidian Portal.  His death and statistics are included in this blog post.

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