Friday, January 2, 2015

The Obligatory Update: 2015 Edition

Sadly, not a whole lot happening on the gaming front.  (At least, not anything truly blog-worthy.)

I'm still running that Dungeon World game.  I don't have much DIY stuff for it, though, because the PCs' responses to most things are Hack and Slash and Volley (usually with intensely graphic descriptions).  They are exceedingly efficient at murdering Scandshar.  I have a couple of extra monsters and magic items, but those will likely stay under wraps for now.  (Although, if you missed The Wendigo compendium class, there's that.)

It looks like Nicole and I are about to play a spot of D&D 5e.  I already have a sorcerer in mind; I don't know what she'll play.

Spelljammer has returned to my headspace and still won't let go after a year and a half; it now comes complete with a character creation document (still in progress, of course).

The current plan is to run A Single, Small Cut and Death Frost Doom at Madicon this year, as a sequel to the Death Love Doom run from two years ago.

A friend of mine wants me to run Rifts, which would require me to read any Palladium book; I have several, but I've never had cause to read them.  I suppose this is just cause.

The Carcosa megadungeon continues to lay fallow.  I think my New Years' resolution should be to get that underway.

I have been playing more video games, however.  I'm currently absorbing Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age II, and D&D: Daggerdale.  As I'll likely be playing Dark Souls next, I clearly only play video games that start with "D" anymore.  I think that's why Spelljammer has returned to my headspace; fantasy immersion brings me back to AD&D.  (Plus it helps that Dragon Age is a little sandbox-y, as that's completely what I want for Spelljammer.)

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