Thursday, October 21, 2021

The Orc Problem, redux-upon-redux

Not to beat a dead horse too severely, but Dwiz at A Knight at the Opera wrote a post about The Dreaded Orc Discourse™ a little bit ago, and it's a far more salient examination of the issue than I can muster.

(I know I already said the included links ought to be the final word on the subject, but well, here we are. Despite the vaguely sensationalist title and the fact that I'm probably still allowing demihumans in my dungeon-y, dragon-y elfgames, it's very, very good.)

Read it, won't you?

I Don't Think I'm Going to Allow Elves to be Playable Anymore on A Knight at the Opera


  1. I have now read your post, the first other post you linked and now this one. All good stuff.

    I am not going to wax poetic on the topic in a comment section, but I do want to say that like a lot of discourse on the internet, there's so much noise that it's good to see people actually TALKING about the thing not just shouting hot takes on Twitter.

    1. At this point, the state of The Dreaded Discourse™ is such that I'm not even sure it's worth talking about it on a blog. The noise-to-signal ratio is so poor that discussing it at all likely doesn't contribute to anything or make it better.

      Especially since Americans like to dominate this topic, therefore making the conversation mostly reflective of American idiosyncrasies. (And at that, American idiosyncrasies reflecting a certain socioeconomic status.)

  2. Finally just got to this and I thought it was really good. Thanks for sharing it.


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