Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Great Retrogaming Debate: Update

It recently came to my attention that this is more properly called OSR, short for...something (Old School Revolution, Old School Renaissance, or Old School Rules depending upon the definition).  As Monsters and Manuals notes in this blog post, OSR has exploded in the past few months.  I'm primarily surprised by the vitriol of some of the old school toward the new school, but then again, it's the internet, and yelling on the internet is pretty much the only form of communication.  As you've noticed, I recommend a lot of OSR blogs even though I'm probably technically new-school, largely because they contain excellent stuff and are written by dedicated gamers.

Go check some out (that blog post above has lots of links).  Just beware the comments section of any website, as it is the scourge of the internet.

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