Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Quote Book

Here's an old favorite across several gaming groups.

With the beginning of The Imperial City, we had a player who typically said things ridiculous enough that we wanted to document them.  Here's a made-up example of a typical exchange.

GM: "...all right.  It's your turn.  What are you doing?"
Player: "Making with the tearing and the biting and the killing.  Roar.  Gwaaaargh!"
GM: "All right, roll to hit."

...this is frequently accompanied by several slashing motions, as if clawing into someone.

These were typically noted on the computer I was using at the time, just in a random text file.  Pretty soon, other quotes were added to it.

Then, I came across Revenge of the Gamer Chick (this would have been on Geocities at the time).  She has a similar quote log, but made reference to a quote book.  Being much more portable than a desktop computer in one room of my house, I purchased a blue spiral-bound notebook and began keeping track of entertaining, notable, and hilarious things said during game sessions.

The notebook is significantly more battered, the cover is slowly migrating away from the binding, and the original entries in pencil are getting lighter over time, but it still serves us well.  If anything hilarious is said, it gets noted in the book.  And if it gets tossed to the center of the table, it will inevitably be grabbed and read by someone.

Possibly something to add to your own games.

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