Thursday, August 18, 2011

Other People's Brains

A couple of things from roleplaying blogs I encountered today.

This post exemplifies what has happened as I've grown older.  I've always treated roleplaying as a game to avoid becoming one of those guys, but I always had a halfway serious mind to it.  Sure, you could play any crazy thing you wanted, but there were certain limits of internal consistency that should be observed.  Depending on the setting, that's still true, but I'll probably let your insane thing slide in a setting with fewer limits (like World Pulse Remix, for example).  That's why I've started examining the old school a bit more; the lawless, anything-goes feel has a certain appeal.

And I have yet to use this NPC-crafting method, but I recommend it.  It's been making its way around the internet for a little while, and I totally forgot about it until finding it again today.  Basically, brainstorm a thing.  Brainstorm an unrelated describer for that thing.  And then another.  Now make it logical enough to use in a game.

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