Monday, November 14, 2011


Bandits vs. first-level PCs: arduous, but manageable.
Rats vs. first-level PCs: terrible, but terrible.

So I started playing in a new D&D game this past Friday.  The mercenary fight was tough at first, but hit that sweet spot where we learned each other's capabilities and started taking people out or making them run away.

My beast master ranger, however, is a ratcatcher, and asked the innkeeper if he had a rat problem.

Truly rats are the scourge of first-level adventurers.  A musty basement with two rat swarms and four huge rats.  The swarms, predictably, were the terrible part.

At least my Crux of Eternity group fared better than we did, although they're level four and know what's happening.

They got into some one-on-one sparring matches.  The loser is whomever is knocked unconscious or forced from the ring first; characters also lose if they take damage but don't deal damage in the same turn.

Most of the fights were pretty straightforward, but the ranger and mage got creative.  The ranger tried to charge his opponent and shove him from the ring; when he failed at that, he managed to get a swing on the guy and wreck his concentration, forcing him to miss (disruptive strike is a truly awesome ability).  The mage hit with a simple magic missile — augmented with a fear effect that sent the other guy screaming from the ring.  The ranger got into a second bout and managed to shove that guy from the ring.  Yokozuna!

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