Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Typical Aggregation Schtick

Zak Smith talks about existentialism and the difference between story-based gamers and old schoolers.  Read it here.

After his discussion of existentialism (which is pretty good on its own), he talks about how some gamers want a roleplaying game for each type of situation ("What is this game about?") and some gamers want one roleplaying game with enough permutations that they can play it forever.  As with all things, the lines are artificial, but it's still a good read.

Predictably, like many people, I'm somewhere in the middle — I'm inclined to get a certain book off the shelf to run a certain type of game, but I firmly believe that you can run any game with any system, period.

Also, Nevermet Press put out a sampler of 108 character portraits.  They're free to use, and they're under a Creative Commons license.  Go use them.

Otherwise, the only notable thing is that I suspect I will soon make a second attempt at my oD&D dungeon crawl.  Expect a post if that comes to pass.

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