Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Passel of Things

As I've previously said, the worst thing for a role-playing blog is lots of role-playing.  (It doesn't help that most of the stuff I'm making is stuff I'm using, meaning either my players will read it or the notes are too sketchy to be useful to anyone but me.)

Anyway, here's some stuff you may have missed.

Swords & Stitchery has a random space harlot table.  If I ever run a space opera game, I'm totally using this.  (And maybe even if I don't run a space game.)

Lurking Rhythmically gives us Unknown Ponies: Failure Is Awesome, a homebrewed system for running My Little Pony with Unknown Armies rules.  This made the rounds a bit ago, and I totally neglected to mention it.  I don't know jack about My Little Pony fandom, but I approve of anyone who spreads the gospel of Unknown Armies.  Also, I'm fairly confident that this'll get used — imagine being thrown into some Videomancer's horrorshow where you are suddenly bound by the rules of My Little Pony.


Finally, also for Unknown Armies, I give you this news story.  Some mountain man is breaking into isolated cabins in the Utah wilderness, living for a time before stealing provisions and vanishing back into the wilderness.  The feds have found his camp sites and his caches of heavy weapons, but the picture of him in the article is the only actual evidence of him.  His fingerprints don't match anyone in the database, the FBI can't figure out if he's on their most wanted list or not, and there are literally only two pictures of him.

Could be an Ascension bid, or it could be the old archetype of the Peacemaker, cast out of the Clergy and inverted, and now causing fear in the American west.

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