Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Persons of Interest: Nadya Suleman, aka "The Octomom"

Yeah.  I went there.

Whatever your personal thoughts on the subject, the current culture of blip-on-the-radar celebrities is perfect fodder for Unknown Armies.

I may have mentioned this game before.

I've been wanting to do this for a while — although, given the age of the subject matter, I'm guessing that's obvious.  Since the warped souls behind the slaving and Old One worship in Remnant have convinced me to delve back into UA (not that it took all that much convincing), I finally had the gumption to complete this.

As a note, as lot of these things are extrapolations of whatever I read, since I have relatively little knowledge of this person.  (You can see a short biography here and another here.)  I assume she is an unconscious Avatar, possibly propped up by public scrutiny and belief.

Without further ado:

Nadya Denise Suleman

Personality: Cancer.  In her own way, she actually cares for other people.
Obsession: Children.  No matter what you might say about her, Nadya is extremely interested in children.
Wound Points: 40

Rage Stimulus: People who think she's not good enough.
Fear Stimulus: (Isolation) Dying alone.
Noble Stimulus: Helping the sick.

Body: 40 (Old Back Injury)
General Athletics 20%, Resemble Angelina Jolie 35%, Struggle 15%
Speed: 50 (Average)
Dodge 20%, Do Two Things at Once 20%, Driving 25% Initiative 25%
Mind: 60 (Educated)
Conceal 15%, General Education 25%, Notice 15%, Psychotherapy 35%, Speak Arabic 15%
Soul: 70 (Intuitive)
Avatar: The Mother 20%, Charm 25%, Fifteen Minutes of Fame 20%, Lying 30%, Social Worker 30%

Psychotherapy: Nadya can provide counseling and psychological first aid as described in UA2, pg. 69.

Resemble Angelina Jolie: This is Nadya's physical beauty skill.  She can roll this in situations where attractiveness comes into play, as well as situations where she totally wants to creep people out.

Violence: 0 Hardened 0 Failed
Unnatural: 0 Hardened 0 Failed
Helplessness: 1 Hardened 0 Failed
Isolation: 1 Hardened 2 Failed
Self: 4 Hardened 2 Failed

Possessions: A wealth of stuff garnered by compensation and the kindness of strangers.

(You can also see this entry over on the Unknown Armies site.)

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