Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday Werk: Triloo, Rattong

In this week's Wednesday Werk, we'll look at the Triloo and the Rattong.

The Triloo are a race of beings noted for bizarre, magical sight and an absolute love of reading.  They are also known for other idiosyncrasies, such as a hatred of the color yellow, and an obsession with threes (both of which likely originate from their peculiar trinocular vision).  Their eyes allow them great visual acuity, and even allow sight into other dimensions; it is believed that this sight, coupled with their natural love of scholarship, is why most Triloo are extremely well-educated on occult subjects, and why they can sense magical objects and effects on sight alone.

And did I mention they love books?  They will gladly accompany adventurers promising them interesting books, and if they are extremely swift and voracious readers.  Triloo can skim spellbooks and scrolls to learn the spells and rituals within, and they can conceivably learn to cast these magical abilities in this fashion, memorizing rituals without a ritual book.  If given the components, they will gladly cast these rituals.

In combat, Triloo rarely rely on learned spells, instead using their Visual Overload and Eyeblast abilities.  They will, however, cast any spells they learn on behalf of those they consider friends.

The following Triloo is a typical member of the species.  Although this specimen knows only three languages and lacks spells, the DM should feel free to add languages and arcane powers (likely based on Wizard spells or similar powers) as he or she sees fit.

The Rattong are a grim, aloof race, evidently thrust into a role as planar migrants since becoming the refugees from some nameless catastrophe.  Limited reports indicate that their lack of coloration is caused by some horrible, color-devouring entity that infested their home plane.  Since that time, they have scoured the planes in search of weapons and spells that can aid their effort to stop this menace.  Although they are desperate for aid and allies, they are extremely moody, typically breaking any agreements they make due to a lack of patience.  Occasionally, tales emerge of a Rattong apprenticing under some great master or other, and these almost always end in betrayal.

Despite this reputation, it is possible some agreement could be reached that would be mutually beneficial, or simply that the Rattong ally with someone whom they understand to be much more powerful than they (they're flighty, not stupid).  In such a case, they may form temporary allies.

The following specimen represents the versatile discipline of the Rattong, displaying both martial prowess with multiple weapons as well as an arcane trick or two (in this case, an Eldritch Volley with operates similarly to the warlock's Eldritch Blast or the wizard's Magic Missile).

Other representatives of the species might lean more toward arcane might than this one, although the mercurial Rattong sometimes lack the discipline necessary for spellcasting despite their natural aptitude for sorcery.

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