Monday, January 2, 2012

Sharpened Hooks: The Carcosan Gate-town

The alien gate, pictured here in a hypothetical alien city.

In the lands of grim Carcosa there lies a wrecked Space Alien ship.  Partially submerged into the Earth, one of the rooms in the upper decks of this ship bears a most peculiar gate.

Large and asymmetrical, it is entirely likely this gate can be keyed to many locations, but it is currently keyed to a place called Sigil.

Since its accidental founding a few years ago, word has spread and planeswalkers have flocked to the gate, eager to explore (and exploit) this new land.

As word has returned of this place, the number of visitors have slowed to a trickle, but some adventurers still brave these horrid lands.  A small gate-town has grown around this gate, stationed in the upper decks of the ruined spaceship.  Both natives and planeswalkers come to the gate, eager to explore surrounding lands or delve deeper into the ruined ship.


Incidentally, I don't know when I'll have the time, but the gate is largely an excuse to run a FLAILSNAILS Carcosa game at some point (likely for ConstantCon, I'd imagine).  I'd probably allow any character class, but only Fighting Men (and Sorcerers, of course) have any reliability; Magic-Users and Clerics can still use their abilities, but praying to foreign gods or calling upon eldritch energies from other planes while in Carcosa has a chance of going weird.  Sorcery is more reliable, but who wants to murder hordes of people to cast spells?

Admittedly, the gate serves another purpose: my Crux of Eternity PCs are currently adventuring with a Bone Man ranger from Carcosa.  He wields a Lantan musket and will be leading them through the sewers of Sigil as they try a quick planar jaunt in the hopes of catching their foes off guard.

Also, it gives me an excuse to use a picture of the Guardian of Forever.  Bonus!

Addendum: All signs suggest this ship crashed in the mountains in hex 1804.  There are further suggestions that some Carcosans have developed a village in the ruined bulk, and representatives of the Planar Trading Consortium have arrived to take care of the Carcosan-gate and other affairs.

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  1. City on the Edge of Forever! W00T!!!!

    When are we playing Carcosa anyway?


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