Monday, July 9, 2012

Return of the Son of Remnant

Ladies and gentlemen, meet E. M. Lamb's newest Carcosa character:

David Bowie and Sean Connery had a crotch-bulge-off.
Who won?  The viewers.
Why does he need a new one?  Well, I'll put the whole story up on Obsidian Portal shortly, but it was the most pimp-ass thing I've seen in a long while.

His character (Shako of the Wastes) and Nicole's character (Lilimuth Yogthoth) go to visit The Incomparable Crown to establish some sort of accord, not realizing it's a village of secret cultists.  They eat, the food is poisoned, Lilimuth falls asleep in her stew, Shako doesn't.  Immediately, he's on his feet — he grabs The Incomparable Crown and holds the fork to his neck.  The Incomparable Crown doesn't put up any resistance as Shako tells him to start walking.  Shako's child-slaves are dragging Lilimuth's unconscious body.  There's a little knot of people forming around them, and before Shako can react, one of them lashes out with a spear, killing him instantly.

Lilimuth manages to escape with the help of his slaves, and then both she and his new character die in the caverns beneath Remnant.

And that's how E. M. Lamb lost two characters in one game session.  So next time, he'll be playing the Green Hornet up there with a shiny new raygun.

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