Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Village of Remnant [Carcosa]

One last thing regarding the Carcosa game I ran.

Originally, I assumed everyone would use the core rules to make characters, and that they would likely come from a typical village containing one race.  When it became obvious that everyone wanted to use What Went Wrong, I had to improvise.

Why are all these different races together?

The Village of Remnant

Remnant is located in sub-hex 0403 of hex 2005, thusly placing it somewhere on the southeastern edge of hex 1905.

Until recently, the village of Remnant was a village of 45 men of various colors led by the Savior of the Prodigals, a Yellow Man and a third-level Neutral fighter.  He made a safe haven for refugees from other villages; the villagers are a mix of men of various races, though primarily Yellow and White, all of whom were displaced.  Some left their villages when they were destroyed, others transgressed and were banished, and still others may have been sorcerers driven from their own towns.  Still, the Savior welcomed all, so long as they were willing to aid in defense of the village and stay out of the business of the Old Ones.

All that changed when he tasked some of his villagers with cutting a deal with the nearby Bone Sorcerer in his Fungoid Gardens.  Specifically, he wanted to engage in a non-aggression pact with the sorcerer whereby the Sorcerer would not harm the villagers of Remnant in his experiments.  If this agreement required the death of the Sorcerer, so be it.

Of the twelve men and their retainers who left, only six returned.  The two sorcerers Shothothor and Yaan-krok returned first and demanded a reward of the Savior, and when he indicated he had nothing for them (other than, you know, safety and a free place to stay), they attacked and murdered him.  Shothothor then hoisted the remains of his body and preached to the town about the glory of the Old Ones.  His display of force and rousing speech convinced the villagers, and the celebrations began.

By the time Kra-Deera, Uthak, Ke’pha, and Lotloth returned he had turned to the worship of the Old Ones.  Seeing their opportunity, Shothothor, Yaan-krok, Kra-Deera, and Uthak turned on Ke’pha, and Lotloth and slew them, knowing them to be opposed to the worship of the Old Ones.

Remnant is now a village of 35 headed by Shothothor, a Purple first-level Chaotic sorcerer.

Expect strange events and odd ceremonies to soon occur in Remnant...

A Note on Buildings: Remnant contains 27 thatch huts and three stone longhouses.  One is the mayor's house, currently inhabited by Shothothor.  One is the Haven, what passes for an inn around here (it's really just a bunch of bedrolls on a dirt floor).  It is run by Bolmae, a Yellow Man and skilled cook.  The final longhouse is used for storage and holds Remnant's general store.  It is run by Olloskr, an Orange Woman and craftsman.

Statistical Update (1-29-2012): Remnant is now a village of 38 headed by Shothothor, a Purple first-level Chaotic sorcerer.  Read more here.

Statistical Update (7-1-2012): Remnant is now a village of 34 headed by Shothothor, a Purple first-level Chaotic sorcerer.


  1. Great story and awesome session recap. Level 1 is domain level in CARCOSA!

    Very inspirational, I've been waiting for CARCOSA play reports.

    1. If you'd like, I have the full write-up of the game Stu ran over at my blog: http://roleplayerhater.blogspot.com/2012/01/oh-god-its-carcosa.html

    2. I know, right? "We control the local village?" "How long did it take you to hit Lord?" "Level 9? Uhhh...we're level 1."

      I hope we play again, as I'm interested to see if the budding cultists can maintain hold of the village.


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