Monday, August 8, 2016

The Artists of Anhak

This got bumped from last week's schedule in favor of the Convent of St. Brigid, but makes a nice post while I'm recovering from GenCon.  I've been devoting headspace to the Isle of Anhak campaign, and I determined the Isle is apparently known for its artists.  (Incidentally, if you want source information for the portraits that follow, just click the pictures below.)  Here are three of them:

The Magnificent Joop van Ooms
Left to right: Ooms, Charles Paisley, Bluebeard; portrait by Jez Gordon
Joop van Ooms is a renowned architect and artist from Vor Taluum.  I won't detail him at length, as he's basically unchanged from the module of the same name.  (He's now in a different city — the fantasy city of Vor Taluum rather than 1615 Amsterdam — and his associates have different nicknames that are not dependent on real-world history, but otherwise unchanged.)

Yerffej Dlues'arabizea
Yerffej D.; portrait by Jeff Dee
Yerffej D. (for most non-elves have difficulty with his surname) is a haughty and aloof high elf living in Dolmvay.  Known for sketches, paintings, and philosophical treatises, particularly on law and cosmology, some dislike his clean, almost dwarven lines, while others take issue with his contention that the Powers are not true gods, but merely potent-yet-petty entities undeserving of worship.  (Those with a familiarity of the old Factions of Sigil might recognize the philosophy of the Athar.)  Regardless, he's a popular resident of the District of Scholars, and many of the city's elite pay great sums to have him paint their portraits.  While other artists may sometimes act as patrons to adventurers, Yerffej currently has a group in his employ.  Called the Fellowship of Albritton, after the tavern in which they began their careers, this group delves dungeons looking for lost art for him to add to his collection (and to inspire him).  Despite only being active a few years, the Fellowship of Albritton is relatively famous, comprising notable names such as Morgan Ironwolf, Silverleaf, Frederik, Sister Rebecca, and Black Dougal.  (In private, those who consider them to be mere lapdogs of Yerffej call them "Dee's Nuts."  The name, unfortunately, has stuck, and threatens to be more recognizable than their actual name.)

Ool Eurts
Ool Eurts; portrait by Erol Otus
Noted drow artist Ool Eurts is relatively popular among the Slave Lords of Scandshar.  Exiled from the drow proper, Ool Eurts lives in the dwarven settlement of Baritherdar, the last bastion of dwarf architecture on Anhak.  His art is somewhat grotesque — perfect for the decadent nobles of foreign Scandshar.  Although the prestige he brings to grim Baritherdar is appreciated, many suspect he is secretly a drow spy, an embed sent to spy on the dwarfs.  For his part, Ool Eurts cares little about what the inhabitants think, instead content to paint his paintings.  Like the other two, Ool Eurts may act as a patron to adventurers, although his quests are likely to send parties into the Deepearth.  (Like Joop van Ooms, Ool Eurts comes from a published module, having been mentioned by name in A4: In the Dungeons of the Slave Lords.)


  1. Yes to all of this. I'm using Joop in my pseudo-Lankhmar game currently. His trio is awesome and contains adventure-able specifics. Like, van Ooms' play, "Carniverous Erection" (taken from some real life metal album) was stolen. It's in one of treasure vaults from LotFP's "Forgive Me" adventure.

    I love using meta, often humorous stuff, in an otherwise serious game. Ool Eurts is exactly that. Although, I haven't read A4 entirely, so I thought it was yours.


    1. I love it! Putting Ooms in a wicked pulp city sounds like a pretty sweet fit.


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