Friday, August 5, 2016

The Kingdom of Trias

A bit from the archives while I'm partying (read: probably sleeping) at GenCon.  One of my associates (the guy who ran the Deadlands game, actually) started a D&D game.  As of this writing, it died after two sessions.  (A common fate, I find.)  Although, I think he plans to resurrect it.  Eventually.

Anyway, the game was set as three human kingdoms and two demihuman kingdoms (the gnomes used to have a kingdom, but it was destroyed during the war) are reunifying after a brutal twenty-four-year war against the monstrous humanoids.  As part of the preparation, he had each player write a specific kingdom in the world.  Since I put a lot of work into it — it's got history, geography, even sidebars! — I share it with you.

I was given the kingdom of Trias, and no guidelines to flesh it out.  After brainstorming, I came to Papal States meets Warring States, with the end of the Han dynasty thrown in for flavor (I had just seen the abridged version of Red Cliff — it's so rad I got the five-hour unabridged version, although I have not yet carved out time to watch it — and had magnificent bastard warlords on the brain).

Without further ado:

The Kingdom of Trias

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