Monday, August 22, 2016

The Blog Turns Five

So I apparently missed the five-year anniversary of the blog earlier in the month.  Happy birthday to me.

The blog's been quiet as working more and running less has subsumed my activities (I've been playing more, but typically don't have much to say about that.  A TPK here, a demonic incursion there.  The usual.)  Oddly enough, though, the D&D game I mention in the first post is still going strong (if infrequently).  It's fifth edition now, and we just played Session 52, which should tell you how infrequently we play.  (You can hear about it at the Crux of Eternity wiki and the Crux of Eternity tag.)

My blog post with the highest pageviews continues to be my commentary on the God-Machine Chronicle.  (Most of my posts with high pagecounts do not feature original content, which I should probably take as some sort of sign.)

A comment on current events: I ended up hearing about Invisible Suns via D&D With Porn Stars (although I saw the mysterious countdown page last month), and I'm amused by the setup, because my old gaming group was doing the guerrilla RPG thing a decade ago.  My only concern about the $200 price tag is that I would then be obligated to run the damn thing.  It looks like my absolute jam, but getting my friends motivated to play anymore is exceedingly difficult.  (I should probably also take my friends' lack of desire to play things I run as some sort of sign.)

So it goes.

The Gen Con after action report is still in development; I had another (less-fun) conference the following week, so work has understandably been busy of late.  I expect it to be out by the end of this week.

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