Thursday, November 10, 2011

Peter Cushing Needs More Bitz

This post at Dungeons and Digressions links to this post at Mutants and Magic which displays a video of Peter Cushing painting minitatures and setting up armies for Little Wars, long considered the grandfather of modern roleplaying.

As noted in the above Dungeons and Digressions post, you can find Little Wars at and Project Gutenberg.  A companion piece, Floor Games, is also available.

Skirmisher Publishing also has a version for sale (with a foreward by Gary Gygax!), though it only appears to be available in ebook format.

Video after the jump.  If you have any knowledge of history, prepare to be as flabbergasted as I when they reference Napoleon's astounding feat of time travel (perhaps they just mean that he played wargames?).


  1. Peter Cushing... god, what a NERD.

    But seriously, that was amazing, and I geeked out quite a bit. Do you think he made Dracula vs Van Helsing minis after his Hammer films? I hope so!

  2. And if he did, did he bequeath them to Christopher Lee? Inquiring minds want to know.
    That totally added a +20 bonus on Cushing's awesome roll.

  3. And now I'm picturing Peter Cushing, Sir Lee, and J.R.R. Tolkien sitting around playing a "Lord of the Rings" miniature war game. This has caused me untold joy.


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