Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday Werk: Drilg

In this week's Wednesday Werk, we'll look at the Drilg.

The Drilg are a race of beings that would probably be relatively unremarkable were it not for their...talents.  The Drilg are compulsive skulks; not only are they good at sneaking, they feel a need to do so.  Why?  Because they are sensitive.  The Drilg have little magical ability, but they are good at detecting magical phenomena.  What's more, their ability to see through illusions and such means that they have few barriers between themselves and the secret lives of others.  The Drilg feel the need to invade others' privacy.

As such, the Drilg are considered a menace by just about everyone.  Nobles and thieves tend to be exceedingly wary of these creatures, but they are better known in legend for drawing the ire of nymphs, dryads, and women of legendary beauty — they are well known as peeping toms of the highest order.  It is also theorized that they can somehow resist or break the inevitable hexes cast upon them, sloughing them off as a snake sheds its scales.  Since the Drilg are so secretive, the truth of this is unknown.

But few have ever encountered a Drilg laboring under a curse, and none have noted any afflicted by a long-term curse.

Supposedly, they are willing to work as information brokers, but the cost of their services is typically information or some invasive task.  ("Give me the key to your home whilst you are away.")  Most people consider them more trouble than they're worth; better to pay more than draw the attention of the Drilg.

Drilg are typically not aggressive — combat is much more likely to erupt after they've been discovered and someone angrily attempts to kill the fleeing creature.  More than one guardsman attempting to chase the fleeing creature has been led into an ambush, suddenly alone and facing four or more Drilg.  In combat, they typically like to charge from hiding and catch a target off-guard by goring the poor sap with their horns.  Drilg only fight to the death if no escape is possible; if a fight goes against them, they rarely stick around and risk serious injury or death.

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