Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Some Remarks About Dave Arneson

I've talked about Arneson before, but it bears repeating as this past Saturday marked the second anniversary of his passing.

Presently, my player group is investigating the appearance of monsters in a nearby swamp.  This swamp is known as the Black Moor.

The adventurers were also informed that the weird monsters recently appearing in the swamp have been displacing the bandits that lair there, forcing them to make forays farther south.  They were tasked with, among other things, helping apprehend the bandits.  They were informed that Arneth, the bandit's leader, was to be taken alive.

Upon confronting the bandits, they learned that Arneth was slain by the swamp monsters, but that David, Arneth's son (see what I did there?), has been leading the bandits in his stead.  (Incidentally, this is the same encounter in which the tracker jackers made an appearance.)

Coincidentally, I had neglected the fact that April 7 marked Dave Arneson's passing, so I'm quite pleased that the adventurers made it to the Black Moor on our April 6 session.

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