Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday Werk: Jaladari

In this week's Wednesday Werk, we'll look at the Jaladari.

The Jaladari are a curious race, secretive and sullen.  Like many things connected with the Plane of Shadow, the Jaladari display a certain amount of affinity with shadows of all sorts.  Their magicians conjure them, and all members of the race draw power from shadows.  They even forge their own shadows into the distinctive shadowy blades they carry.

The Jaladari are open to barter, but they are strange, aloof beings.  Given their need for shadows, they will frequently barter for shadows and other, stranger things.  They are dour creatures, typically providing unpleasant company, but some contact them as they will trade for magical items.

The creatures are probably better known by scholars for reports of Jaladari raiding parties, savaging passing travelers for their shadows.  Their tactics in combat vary depending upon how magically puissant the individual may be, but they are stealthy and shadowy, difficult to injure and capable of bypassing physical obstacles and feared combatants with their umbral blades.

The following specimen represents a Jaladari more capable with combat than the arcane arts.  In combat, the creature will frequently attempt to catch foes off-guard by assuming Planephase Form and invisibly moving next to an opponent with Shadowstep.  The Jaladari will then strike, typically opening with Shadowreaving Strike.  It then attacks with Umbral Blade, using Shadowreaving Strike whenever it is available.  The Jaladari will always attempt to use Planephase Form and Shadowstep, when available, to improve its position in a fight.  Jaladari are intelligent enough to avoid fighting to the death, although they have been known to do so.

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