Friday, January 31, 2014

DragonStrike and Wildspace

So on Wednesday I got to watch the "instructional" video for TSR's 1993 D&D-themed board game DragonStrike.  Despite being the tutorial, it really just shows a dramatization of a DragonStrike adventure.

You can blame OUT OF CONTEXT D&D QUOTES for this.

More interestingly, I learned that the actors (as the same characters) were going to return for a Spelljammer-themed television program called Wildspace.  It was never produced, although there was a trailer:


  1. I bought a copy of Dragon Strike on Ebay years ago, and I specifically asked the seller if the video was included. She (apparently the mother of whoever had bought the game) said it was, but when the package arrived in Japan the video was not there. Oh well, I don't have a VCR anymore, and I do have YouTube!

    That video is a classic, right up there with Conan the Destroyer and Hawk the Slayer!

    1. Conan the Destroyer, DragonStrike, and Hawk the Slayer sounds like a movie night to me!


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