Friday, January 3, 2014

Funknown Armies

So Greg Stolze posted this thing on Google+ as well as this thing on discussing the possibility of rebooting Unknown Armies in 2015.  (Oddly enough, the Unknown Armies fansite is still quiet.)

He's also taking fan suggestions (apparently everyone's caught the crowd-sourcing bug) in those two threads.  So there's that.

My personal vote: I love the system (although I'm apparently the only one among my gaming friends who likes it that much), but would totally love to see an updated chronology bringing everything from roughly millennial to 2015 (or whenever it gets published).  Less millennial fever and more everybody sneaking to avoid the Sleeping Tiger; still just as frenetic.  Basically the way Delta Green is evidently going to move from mid-nineties X-Files-style conspiracy stuff to post-9/11 intelligence community stuff.

Alternately, as noted in the thread, as the universe canonically reboots in Unknown Armies, just ditch all the canon and make a new setting.  In that case, I'd still like a sourcebook on core UA: 2015.

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