Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dave Arneson!

Happy birthday to Dave Arneson, co-creator of D&D and creator of the oldest roleplaying setting in existence, Blackmoor.

I actually have a shout-out to Blackmoor in Crux of Eternity; the Black Moor is the swamp located in the crater formed by the crashing of the Fatehammer comet, fifty years ago.  The Armor of the Black Moor is a rumored item, supposedly forged from the metal core of the Fatehammer comet itself (but as far as anyone knows, nobody's ever found remnants of the comet itself, which begs the question of how the rumors were started in the first place).

[Editor's Note (1-3-2014): The Fatehammer comet has officially been revealed as the wrecked hull of the Sentinel, an extraplanar flying vessel accidentally brought to the Sorrowfell Plains.  The Sentinel itself is a 4e version of The Expedition to the Barrier Peaks.]

I've never run in Blackmoor, but I dig the setting.  Particularly all the weird ancient astronaut stuff that tends to appear in it (a spaceship crashed near Blackmoor a long time ago, and there are some weird alien devices in circulation).  It also forms the prehistory of Mystara.  Perhaps I shall run a game in Blackmoor, someday.

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