Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Week's Roundup

I haven't posted in a week?  Ye gods, man.

I'd blame it on being busy, but really, there's no excuse for that.  Anyway, here's some stuff I missed:

Deadlands session.  I hear the severed Southern belle hand is this restaurant's specialty.  Expect the writeup shortly.

I may shortly find myself in a D&D campaign.  I may be playing a Warhammer-style rat catcher as a Beastmaster Ranger.  My mousing dog may be a ratty airedale terrier.  Fortunately, in 4e, rangers can resurrect their dogs with some degree of skill, so hopefully, I will never need to face the emotional pain of a fallen hound (don't worry, that post isn't a sad tale about a dead family friend; it's a blog-appropriate post about Gleichman, Zak Smith's dog in various ConstantCon games).

I am assimilating The New Death and others for review.  It has a few flaws — there tends to be a lot of mood whiplash among the stories, as some are fantastical, some are horrific, many are anvilicious, and some are filled with many puns great and terrible — but it's probably worth spending the dollar on "The Scholar and the Moon" alone.  Basically, when it's good it's great, and when it's bad it's okay; definitely worth the read.  Expect an actual review when I have time to finish it.

I should probably also review Memoirs Found in a Bathtub (essential Paranoia reading, really) and Stranger in a Strange Land while I'm at it.  Memoirs especially is appropriate for roleplaying, as noted above.  I'm currently juggling Stranger with The New DeathMordenkainen's Magnificent Emporium and a few other roleplaying books.  Fun times.
And with that, here are a couple of things to read:

• Kenneth Hite describes game design as it relates to his eight-year-old nephew at playtime.  Read it here.

• Zak Smith fulfils a reader request about adventure design; namely, what is the minimal information one needs to a run an adventure in a given environment.  Read it here.

• Finally, Zak Smith discusses Abulafia, a random generator wiki.  He also lists some of the generators he has contributed.  Read it here.

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