Friday, October 7, 2011

More on the Sandbox (and Bonus Random Musings)

So I've previously talked a little about railroading vs. sandbox, and will likely do so again.

For the moment, though, go check out this post at Digital Orc.  It's a very simple thing, but it's a thing worth considering.

Along the lines of the sandbox, I'm currently fiddling with some things, including converting that AD&D 1e module for my 4e players (it's going well, but since I'm reworking one of the dungeon levels from scratch, it's a little slow going because the dungeon layout is rather particular).  I'm also trying to find a halfway decent hex map for my Crux of Eternity map, but it's big.  If I go with 5-mile hexes, this thing is 125 by 100 hexes.

If I manage to make one in a digital format (I'm currently playing with Hexographer, so I very well might), I'll probably post it here for your general perusal.  Note that I have already drawn a map, but I finally decided that a hex map would probably be more workable.

Maybe I should break it down into sections?  I'll play with it and figure it out.

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