Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Little Thing About GNS Theory

I have previously mentioned GNS Theory, and I think noisms's recent post on the subject is fairly accurate.  It's a nice thought exercise, but broad classification tools tend to ignore the weird little idiosyncrasies that people have.

I might be inclined to disagree with his statement about "simulationists," though; it's probably pretty small, but I think there is a base of people who like roleplaying games purely for the world-building aspects rather than the playing-a-game aspects or the telling-a-story aspects.

I might also direct readers to brave the comments, as Zak's comment on GNS ignoring the fact that roleplayers might want different things from day-to-day is also worth considering.

For every comment you read, however, you will spend another month each year in Hades, though, so keep your sojourn a short one.


  1. While I'm not sure that there are a group of people who enjoy rpgs solely for world-building aspects, I would completely agree that there is a group of people for whom that is the primary enticement, thus making simulationist a valid category.

  2. That's likely what I meant but simply did not express properly.

    In any case, yes, I'd be inclined to agree.


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