Thursday, September 1, 2011

D&D Encounters: Lost Crown of Neverwinter

So we're playing D&D Encounters.

This is really my first foray into D&D with mercenaries, which is funny, because that's the game's default mode: not big damn heroes, but venal scumbags who loot tombs for money.  Granted, some of our party members are good people, but still.

It's good so far.  Our DM is really good at pacing, and she wails on 4e combat, typically squeezing two hours into about one.

Some crown-thieving necromancer took our charge.  We chased him down, but he managed to summon all the undead in the cemetery as he died.  We ran, but the sneaky little thief stole our crown back, so we got paid.

Now, we're still in Neverwinter.  Fought some more undead and some spellplagued, and we fought a white dragon.  The Lost Heir of Neverwinter showed up and deputized us.

Last session, we got into a barfight because there's a rivalry between supporters of the Lost Heir and supporters of Lord Neverember.  For the second time in this adventure, my squishy little mage has been completely overwhelmed by attackers, somehow pinned into a corner such that he can't get away.  It's his curse, apparently.

Twilight Falls is probably my friend, actually.  I should use in situations like that so I can sneak away.

Anyway, fun stuff.  Maybe I'll actually not get in the meat grinder next time and be able to perform my magely duties.

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  1. You know, I hadn't quite been able to put my finger on it until you mentioned it here, but YES - our new DM does incredibly well with combat pacing. Whereas last campaign we'd be getting out with little time to spare afterwards, this season has been quite swift, and consistently so. I especially like her tactic of using multiple d20s when multiple adversaries attack simultaneously.


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