Friday, September 30, 2011

Another Blog Rundown

So I got a few new readers today, and I was perusing their blogs.

Reader Jedediah has two that might interest readers.  "Book Scorpion's Lair" is about geeky pasttimes; the book and film reviews might tie into that whole "using literature as inspiration thing" mentioned at Porky's Expanse and on the previous blog post.  And the subject matter might just interest you.

The other is a photoblog called "Ook, she wrote" which I highly recommend as a roleplaying resource; if your games have an ecological bent ("Your ranger recognizes the Veringian wolf spider!"), perusing the blog might give you some ideas and image resources.  Or maybe you're just into biology.  Either way.

For that matter, have I mentioned some other blogs?  This seems like a good time.

I've previously mentioned Rushputin's wargaming blog, Warpstone Pile.  But here's a good time to revisit it, if you're into that.  He's an excellent painter (and he's selling some stuff right now, so if you want minis, go have a look).

Mike runs The Black Ark Apathy, also predominantly about wargaming.  It is not updated all that often, but it's worth a look if you're into Warhammer and wargaming in general.

Arashi runs The Felling Blade, about gaming in general.  He does a lot of board gaming, roleplaying, and some wargaming.  He also plays in the Deadlands game I sometimes mention.

And I've mentioned them before, but the old school blogs D&D With Porn Stars, Grognardia, Jeff's Gameblog, and Monsters and Manuals may also have relevant topics for your perusal and (hopefully) enjoyment.

And there you go.  I've given you more data than you can ever hope to assimilate.  You love it.


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