Monday, September 26, 2011

Redux: Oh, the Places You'll Go

At the beginning of this blog, I posted a list of sites I like and would recommend.

Now, here are a couple of sites I use with some frequency.

Behind the Name: Without a doubt, this is the website I use the most.  You can get meaningful names, or you can get random names.  Or you can get the most popular names broken down by country and year (so if you want to randomly determine names based on a realistic distribution, you have a d100 chart pretty much right there).  There is also a site for surnames.  I have yet to compile my massive random name charts, but until I do, this site should keep you busy for a while.

DeviantArt: Since you can browse by genre, subject, or keyword, this is good for finding character art.  You can also find landscapes and art objects on here, so you could really find a picture of any thing you might need to show your players (or, conversely, show your Game Master).  Browsing, though, can be a pain as you slog through looking for just the right thing.  This might ultimately treat you better as a place to find inspiration, but with a lot of good art on here, that's probably not very hard.

ModelMayhem: This website is for models and photographers; though you can find some other art expressions and some still life, you're primarily going to find pictures of people.  Fortunately, you can browse models by statistics, so you can easily find someone with the coloring and build you want.  Some people are a bit liberal with the statistics, though, so it can take some digging.  Even so, it tends to be more targeted than DeviantArt, though it helps if you don't have something too specific in mind while you're searching.

Urban Decay: Exactly what it says on the tin.  This LiveJournal group's members posts pictures of urban environments.  Along with Urban Explorers, these groups can probably fulfill all your urban landscape needs (though, as the name suggests, these location photographs are likely to show weathered and abandoned locations).

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