Tuesday, September 13, 2011

You Should GM: Addendum

Last time, I wrote a little post about first-time Game Masters.  I thought of something else, as I'm sure I will do often, so I'm putting it here.  Maybe I'll organize a new label or something eventually.  Who knows?


• Acting isn't important.  Nobody cares if you can act or not.  Even if you just describe what's happening and have no actual "roleplaying" per se, a fun game is a fun game.  Jumping into character is frequently part of that fun, but don't feel constrained by it.  Also...

• Don't feel stupid.  You're gathered around a table, pretending to be fantasy people while engaging in what appears to be gambling.  Nobody will think you're stupid for making a silly voice, or doing something weird, or even making a mistake.  Put yourself out there and the game will pretty much always be memorable.

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