Sunday, December 4, 2011


Ever the attentive archivist, Porky made a bunch of blood-themed resources available.  I'd recommend all the posts — he has his own post on the subject; a link to a post about blood, iron, and magic; and a bunch of stuff about gore-worms and their uses, both culinary and surgical.

Since gore-worms already have a Labyrinth Lord writeup in the above post, I made 4e stats for them, because that's what I'm currently running, and I really liked them.

This version of gore-worms assumes their proclivities come from demonic influence — maybe they were maggots or rot grubs twisted by the power of the Abyss?

It doesn't really matter.  They're here and they want to eat you.  Stats for Worm Feeders, Writhers, and Wormtongues can easily be cobbled together using existing human and undead statistics.

And now, the gore-worm swarm.  It hasn't been playtested or anything.  Fear it:


  1. I have come to grow nearly as excited as you any time something with Filth Fever comes up. I saw that these have the possibility of transmission, and grinned like a nutter.

  2. I think it's just the microbiology angle. If D&D is fake medieval Europe, disease should be a concern, and nothing better represents that than the fake medieval dysentery that is filth fever.

  3. Nice work. The Gore-worms in Wermspittle aren't inherently demonic, but there are possessed worms, and worms that feed upon the possessed, so it's a good call, especially in terms of converting them over to the underlying mythos of 4E. We'd like to see what you come up with for the Worm Feeders once we get them posted. Maybe you'd consider doing some more LL-to-4E conversions of our monsters for our Hereticwerks blog sometime?

  4. I second that idea - there are some amazing beasties over there.

  5. Yeah, I mostly went with "they're chaotic — ah, what the hell, I'll make them demons" angle. They can easily just be natural beasts without any changes.

    I'll totally do more Hereticwerks 4e conversions. Maybe I'll make it a regular column? Who knows...


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