Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wednesday Werk: Gronk

In this week's Wednesday Werk, we'll look at the Gronk.

Last time, we looked at their swords, but we didn't actually investigate the Gronk themselves.  This will be rectified.

The Gronk are a proletarian military-industrial collective, evidently formed by rogue homunculi.  These homunculi formed a society and are now self-perpetuating; the Gronk are parthenogenic, and some reports suggest they are more grown than born.

The Gronk do not feel emotion, and toil ceaselessly like their construct forebears.

Despite the homogeneity of the Gronk, outsiders have suggested that some Gronk military units have more training than others, or that some are just luckier.

The Gronk Minuteman is the Minion version of a Gronk footsoldier.  What they lack in skill and style they gain in sheer numbers.

The Gronk Infantryman is the Standard version of a Gronk footsoldier.

Warbands may contain both types in any proportion.  Though they are not the most effective troops, their natural immunity to charm and fear effects makes them fearsome in their own right.

Expect a somewhat longer post next week, as I delve back into Hereticwerks' August archives and move slowly toward the present.  Next week will likely include the Petrocloptrian, the Flytaur, and possibly a dash of Queen Lobster.


  1. Not being well-versed in the ways of 4e, I can't comment on the adaptions, but it always good to revisit the something from the fount of creativity now known as Hereticwerks.

  2. Trey took the words right out of my keyboard. The Gronk are a strong idea and I hope your version gets them marching into more games.

  3. Nice! We need to detail the Gronk Navy one of these days. Some idiot sold the Gronk a few mostly rotten old merchantmen-hulks and they've been retro-fitting them into coastal raiding platforms for their newly authorized 'wading infantry'...


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