Sunday, December 18, 2011

Here's Some Stuff You Might Have Missed

Grognardia gives us this D&D playset.  No joke.

Porky's Expanse talks about the possibility of prehuman civilizations.  Exceptionally timely as I'm reading Carcosa, which is all about how insignificant humans are in the scheme of things (to compare, Lovecraft suggests humans are a cosmic accident; Carcosa posits humans were bred as sacrifices for the serpent people).

Two from Hereticwerks: they just released Zilgor's Repose, a tomb-raiding dungeon crawl (despite several tomb robber excursions, people keep finding treasure in this tomb, causing suspicion of sorcery among adventurers).  Additionally, they released a table of lone survivors of previous expeditions, perfect for that adventure hook shaken guy in the corner of the tavern or the random guy you find in a dungeon delve.

Speaking of which, Jeff's Gameblog has a very good Caves of Myrddin update.  Those who enter the dungeon return with three attractive, nude women and a tale about killing a vampiric Frida Kahlo.  Worth a read if you like game anecdotes.

And that, in turn, leads into D&D With Porn Stars' post about being featured in a Maxim article.  Admittedly, it's less roleplaying related and more interesting for the artistry that goes into making a magazine article (the picture accompanying the article was taken weeks after the actual game session described, and the magazine fudges a few facts).  Additionally, there are links buried in the post to Women Fighters In Reasonable Armor (which I have previously mentioned) and Female Fighters In Unreasonable Armor (which is apparently new).  Image resources are good.

Also, as a warning the aforementioned D&D With Porn Stars post (and "Female Fighters In Unreasonable Armor") also features naked people, which might be troubling if you can't turn off the naked people.

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  1. You know, after you described it to me, I'm a little disappointed in the way the picture of the Axe girls turned out. I was expecting something a little more cheesecake.

    Long live the Giggle-Loop! Result!


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